Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Graphic Designer Resume

Graphic Designers tend to use their creative ideas, when they are drafting their resume. As a Graphic Designer you may plan to use a colorful background or creative watermark as a background for your resume and fill your resume with graphical designs to impress the recruiter. But the fact is that you need to keep your resume professional. You need to explain your creative  skills through your resume. The graphic designer resume must focus on the candidate's expertise as graphic designer. The candidates with work experience need to focus on their professional experience details. While entry-level candidates need to focus on their project and freelance work details.

Once you know the answer about how to write graphic designer resume, drafting a resume becomes an easy task. There some important section you need to divide your graphic designer resume into.

Contact Information

The reason why you need to include contact details in your resume is that the employer needs these details to contact you for next round of interview. This section must include details such as name, contact address, email-id, and contact number.

Professional Summary or Job Objective

The employer has exactly 30 seconds to glance through your resume. Therefore, you need to grasp their attention by mentioning professional expertise and achievement at top under the professional summary section. Mention those details that will help prove your suitability for the job.

Work Experience

Most candidates applying for the post of graphic designer are confused about the exact details that they need to mention in this section. Mention details about your previous jobs such as name of the company, your designation, tenure at the company, and details about your job duties. Provide details about the softwares you used to draft different designs, whether you worked in coordination with other team members. If you have supervised the work of other associates and worked in coordination with the client, then do mention these details in the resume.

Freelance Projects or Internship Projects

Candidates who have major work experience in freelance project can mention those details in a separate section. Entry-level candidate's do not have major work experience details to mention, but they can include their internship project details and freelance work details to create the right impression on the employer. Entry-level candidates should understand that the employer is looking for candidates who have knowledge about work in professional environment.

Other Sections

Other important sections are education, skills, computer proficiency, and references. List details under these sections using bullet points.

The graphic designer resume should focus on the candidate's professional expertise and skills. You can use graphic designer resume example or graphic designer sample resume as guideline to draft your resume. Well-written professional example for graphic designer resume or sample resume for graphic designer will prove of great help to you, when you are writing your resume.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

License Clerk Resume

If you want to do or use something for personal and professional purposes, you have to apply for license to acquire the official permission. For example, a marriage license is needed to get the marriage permission in the town where you are residing. The professional license is required to pursue your medical, health, sport, accounting and other practices. Even to run a shop or office, license or permit is the prerequisite. To obtain it, you have to approach the license clerks. These clerks process your application and issue license after examining or testing certain conditions. They are hired by the state and federal licensing agencies, or by the private organizations to issue licenses for  profession such as piloting, and accounting. If you like this job profile, or looking for a job, apply it with a license clerk resume. You will have the same kind of job responsibilities regardless of the workplace. As a license clerk, you will be collecting and verifying  the applicants' information to determine the issuing of the license. Depending on the agencies, you may have to prepare vouchers and collects fees as well. For issuing a driver's license, you will even have to conduct a test of the applicant, and judge the driving performance. The skill you have to include in the license clerk resume is your natural inclination towards attention to details, computer skills, and ability to record, maintain, and update information.

The job of the license clerk involves lots of interaction with public. You will be receiving numbers of applications for license. You will need some time to process the applications and confirm the genuineness of the information. Quite possible that you may have to face inpatient public while in the job. This shows how important it is to show your maturity, patience, and communication skills in the license clerk resume.

For further explanation, read this resume sample.

                                              License Clerk Sample Resume

Clay C. Lakes
4323 Goosetown Drive
Arden, NC 28704
Phone: (828) XXX-3458
Email: cllakes@topsampleresume.com

To obtain a license clerk position and help the agency in compiling information required for issuing a license.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Trained and experienced license clerk 
  • Strong attention to detail and patience
  • Blessed with cool and friendly attitude
  • Matured enough to understand urgency and necessity of license
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Adept in the process of collecting and compiling information for licensing
  • Good typing speed and computer proficiency
  • Strong organization and public relations skills
  • Ability to conduct tests or exam to evaluate performance
  • Have the skills to train workers in administrative work
  • Can draft reports, and memos

Work Experience

License Clerk
County Licensing Agency, Arden, NC
2009 – Present
  • Collect required information for licensing procedures 
  • Assist and guide applicants in completing the formality for license
  • Conduct oral, written and visual tests and evaluate the performance before issuing the license
  • Issue license to eligible candidates after reviewing their application
  • Post details of the license issued, canceled, suspended in the computer 
  • Train, supervise, and coordinate activities of workers
  • Prepare and issue driving licenses to candidates passing the test 
  • Contact pet owners and instruct them to follow licensing regulations for canine
  • Invite driving schools to participate in the training program
  • Communicate with agents, brokers and other professionals regarding the license issues
  • Answer inquires and assist people in following licensing policies
  • Complete the documents by assembling photograph and relevant papers 
  • Make receipt and collect fees against the license issued

License Clerk
State Board Licensing Department, Arden, NC
2007 – 2009
  • Provided information to applicants regarding the documentation, applicable fees, and terms and conditions for issuing license 
  • Evaluated information filled in the application forms through inspections
  • Maintain records for application filed and license issued
  • Managed responsibilities of data entry, and other administrative tasks
  • Interviewed applicants in order to confirm the accuracy of the details provided
  • Updated records and information related to licensing in the computer system
  • Informed applicants about necessary documents and steps for obtaining the license


High School Diploma
Rose High School, Arden, NC

On request

There will be more job opportunities for license clerks in another couple of years. To avail those upcoming chances, take required training to excel in the job. Along with the  training, you must also tune up your resume writing tips. Follow this license clerk sample resume when applying in public and private agencies.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Assistant Recruiter Resume

Candidates applying for the post of Assistant Recruiter need to draft a well-written, professional resume. It is important to emphasize details about previous work experience as a recruiter. We have provided an assistant recruiter resume sample below that you can use as guideline to create your resume.

                              Assistant Recruiter Sample Resume

Contact Information
Name: Robert A. Weber
Address: 1873 Ocello Street, Santee, CA 92071
Home: (619) 956 8902
Mobile no.: (619) 956 9568
Email-id: robert.w@anymail.com

Professional Experience

Title: Assistant Recruiter Resume
Name of Company: SDR Company Pvt. Ltd.
Tenure: October, 2007 to present
Roles and Responsibilities
  • Shortlist candidates for jobs by posting jobs ads in local newspapers, magazines, and Internet portals 
  • Maintain records about recruited employees such as background verification details, health insurance, and compensations records
  • Attend meetings with the recruitment team to understand the work force planning strategies
  • Review multiple resume, interview short listed candidates, and select the best candidates suitable for the job
  • Participate in job fairs and conduct recruitment drives at college campus
  • Send employment and background verification reports to the management

Title: Assistant Recruiter Resume
Name of Company: HTC Company Inc.
August, 2003 to October, 2007
Roles and Responsibilities
  • Scan job applications of candidates and shortlist suitable candidates for the next round of interview 
  • Conduct interviews and select the best candidates suitable for the job opening
  • Maintain a database of the interviewed and selected candidates
  • Coordinate with the different departments to learn their recruitment needs
  • Send recruitment drive reports to the management

Academic Background
  • Masters in Business Administration (Specialization: Human Resource), University of California, 2003 
  • Bachelors in Business Administration, University of California, 2001

  • Good interpersonal skills 
  • Able to work in coordination with different departments
  • Hard working
  • Able to conduct stress interview and judge the suitability of the candidates
  • Able to work in team
  • Excellent analysis skills

Technical Skills
  • Proficient in using technical tools used for searching correct job applications 
  • MS Office
  • Internet
  • SAP


Member of the National Human Resources Association


Name: Adam K. Glenn
Title: HR Head
Name of Company: SDR Company Pvt. Ltd.
Address: 224 Stella Street, Santee, CA 92071
Mobile no.: (619) 956 1147
Email-id: adam.g@anymail.com

Name: Steve W. Wilson
Title: HR Manager
Name of Company: HTC Company Inc.
Address: 147 Jack Street, Santee, CA 92071
Mobile no.: (619) 956 8473
Email-id: steve.w@anymail.com

Use professional formatting to draft the assistant recruiter resume. Proofread your resume before send it along with the cover letter.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Payroll Clerk Resume

There is a need for every organization to see that employees are paid properly according to their working hours and in time as well. To maintain and compute the data, company hires payroll clerks. The payroll clerks are responsible for maintaining, compiling and recording employees’ information needed to pay the salary. The job requires excellent numerical skills and attention to details. The position offers good remuneration along with working conditions, and hence is full of competition. If you want to influence the employers as the best fit for the job, make your payroll clerk resume attractive.

The attractive concept should not be compared with the physical attributes. You must imbibe the idea of fascination in creating the payroll clerk resume. The resume should appeal to the recruiters with the contents on it, which is only possible by adding the skills and abilities needed for the job. The key to impress is to make to a professional resume that is brief, concise and specially focused in meeting the employers’ requirements.

Drawing the recruiters’ attention is an easy task, provided you know what skills and abilities to possess for the job. For the payroll clerk position, aptitude for numbers is a must. You must be able to calculate and draw the employees’ salaries from the time sheets, work charts, shift schedules and production hours. Other important criteria are your moral ethics. The employers should be assured that the financial data would not be tampered, stole or misused.
Payroll Clerk Resume

Randy B. Daniels
3579 Villa Drive
South Bend, IN 46601
Phone: (574) XXX-1254
Email: rbdaniels@topsampleresume.com


To work as a payroll clerk, and help the organization in calculating employees’ wages and salaries correctly and in a timely manner by using my researching, analyzing and reporting skills.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Experienced payroll clerk with strong knowledge of taxation, and Federal wage and hour la
  • Proficient in computer and accounting software such as QuickBooks, and Peachtree
  • Skilled in cash postings and payroll processing
  • Ability to make accounts payable and receivable statements
  • Excellent data compilation and general ledger posting skills
  • Unusual research and problem-solving skills
  • Complete knowledge of document processing and records maintenance
  • Familiar with modern office equipments
  • Brilliant communication skills and office etiquettes
  • Complete understanding of payroll principles and benefits
  • Remarkable telephone mannerism with aptitude for building and maintaining good relationship
  • Sincere and reliable professional

Work Experience

Payroll Clerk
Faith Health Care Services, South Bend, IN
2009 – Present
  • Enter data in the payroll computing systems 
  • Confirm the data entries by referring to the production schedules, time sheets, and conversing with employees and supervisors
  • Maintain and update payroll records
  • Compile and compute payroll data for drawing employees’ salaries calculating the hours worked, advance taken, production volume, insurances, taxes, and any dues against company 
  • Calculate wages and deduction using calculator or accounting software
  • Review and correct errors in the payroll data to ensure accuracy
  • Update master payroll records by including details such as loans, tax exemption, and loan payments affecting the net wages 
  • Debit or credit the employees’ records by prorating the expenses incurred 
  • Prepare statements for taxes and deductions and earnings
  • Assist the accounts department in preparation and distribution of paychecks

Payroll Clerk

Brilliant Systems Inc., South Bend, IN
2007 – 2009
  • Handled financial data and calculated deductions for income tax, security payments, insurance and other dues 
  • Assisted the human resource and accounting department in compiling and computing payroll data
  • Kept employees’ leave records and deductions for salary calculation
  • Worked with care and maintained amiable relationship with employees and management
  • Helped employees in understanding information related to the salary deductions
  • Participated in managements’ meeting, and took the minutes


Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting
South Bend University, South Bend, IN

On request
Payroll clerks work in coordination with the accounts and human-resource department. Their main job is to furnish timely and accurate payroll records. If you are capable of delivering the result on time, and handling the payroll responsibilities perfectly, use this payroll clerk resume sample modifying it as needed.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Aircrew Officer Resume

The jobs in the Airline Industry are exciting, respected, and well-paid. Hence, number of candidates applying for such jobs is increasing. To stay ahead of rest of the competition, you need to draft an effective resume. You may have relevant work experience and education, but if these details are not presented in an appropriate format, then you may lose a good job opportunity. You need to draft an aircrew officer resume that focuses on professional skills, education and work experience. Here, we have mentioned a resume example, which would prove to be of great help to you.

Aircrew Officer Sample Resume
Contact Information:

Name: Carol R. Robinson
Address: 4538 Berkley Street, Allentown, PA 18109
Home: (484) 814 8929
Mobile No.: (484) 814 4137
Email-id: carol.r@anymail.com

Professional Summary:
  • Around seven years of work experience as Aircrew Officer 
  • Proficient in supervising and coordinating the work of aircrew team 
  • Received appreciation certification from JKL American Airlines for excellent performance at work in the year 2010

Work Experience:

Designation: Aircrew Officer
Name of Company: JKL American Airlines
Duration: October, 2007 to present
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • To supervise the work of technicians 
  • To inspect the working of aircraft and other equipment before, after, and during the flight
  • Inform the technical maintenance team in case of any technical issue
  • Operate the aircraft communication equipment
  • Keep in touch with the air traffic control department to ensure the safety of the aircraft
  • To direct the work of cargo management team

Designation: Assistant Aircrew Officer
Name of Company: DCB Airlines
Duration: June, 2004 to October, 2007
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • To supervise the working of aircraft and to coordinate with the technicians and engineers to ensure the smooth operation of aircraft 
  • Inspect the cargo loaded in the aircraft and detect any discrepancies in cargo loading
  • To get updated from the air traffic control department and send it to the aircrew officer
  • Send inspection report to the aircrew officer

  • Bachelor of Aviation, University of Pennsylvania, 2004 
  • High School Diploma, St. Mathew High School, 2000

  • Aircrew Officer Certification from ACV Technical Institute

  • Member of Pennsylvania Aircrew Officer Association


Name: Shane V. Levesque
Designation: HR Head
Name of Company: JKL American Airlines
Address: 745 Longs Drive, Allentown, PA 18109
Mobile No.: (484) 814 7458
Email-id: shane.l@anymail.com

Name: Timothy E. Smith
Designation: Human Resource Manager
Name of Company: DCB Airlines
Address: 4788 Jerome Avenue, Allentown, PA 18109
Mobile No.: (484) 814 7431
Email-id: timothy.s@anymail.com

The aircrew officer resume should draw attention to the candidate's work experience and education details. Read the resume and remove all the mistakes from the resume. Use professional resume writing techniques.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Airplane Flight Attendant Supervisor Resume

Airplane Flight Attendant Supervisor is responsible for managing a team of flight attendants. It is the responsibility of the Airplane Flight Attendant Supervisor to supervise the work of their team and ensure that the flight travelers are satisfied with the customer service. To apply for this job profile, you need a resume that focuses on the candidate's leadership skills, interpersonal skills, and professional experience. Keep the formatting of the airplane flight attendant supervisor resume professional and simple. Your resume should be visual appealing and error-free. Hence, you need to keep sometime aside to read your resume and remove all mistakes from it. We have mentioned a resume example below that you can refer to create your customized resume.

Airplane Flight Attendant Supervisor Sample Resume

Contact Details:

Name: Arnold P. Thurston
Address: 4428 Lena Lane, Jackson, MS 39211
Home: (601) 509 3660
Mobile No.: (601) 509 8469
Email-id: arnold.t@anymail.com

Professional Summary: 
  • Over eight years of professional experience in the Airline Industry 
  • Proficient in managing team of airline flight attendants
  • Won the 'Best Flight Attendant Supervisor Award' for the year 2010

Professional Experience:

Designation: Airplane Flight Attendant Supervisor
Name of Company: AWS American Airlines
Duration: August, 2007 to present
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Monitor the work of the flight attendants 
  • Train newly recruited flight attendants
  • Supervise the work of the Airplane Flight Attendants and ensure that they follow all the customer service protocols
  • Ensure that the customer feedback forms are distributed and regular feedback is taken from all the flight travelers
  • Send training, supervising and feedback report to the management

Designation: Airplane Flight Attendant
Name of Company: FDS Airlines
Duration: July, 2003 to August, 2007
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Serve food, distribute magazines and attend the customers during the flight 
  • Before the flight departure inform all the customers about the safety measures
  • Distribute feedback forms to the customers and make sure that all the feedback forms are collected appropriately
  • Attend training sessions to help improve interpersonal skills


Bachelor of Arts, Wilson College of Arts, 2003

High School Diploma, St. Teresa High School, 2000

  • Good customer service skills 
  • Able to deal with irate customers
  • Proficient to manage and coordinate the work of airplane flight attendant team
  • Can provide training about communication skills and professional etiquettes


Member of the American Airplane Flight Attendant Supervisor Association


Name: Todd H. McCombs
Designation: Human Resource Manager
Name of Company: AWS American Airlines
Address: 387 Fairway Drive, Jackson, MS 39211
Mobile No.: (601) 509 1735
Email-id: todd.h@anymail.com

Name: Randall J. Tate
Designation: HR Head
Name of Company: FDS Airlines
Address: 4163 Masonic Hill Road, Jackson, MS 39211
Mobile No.: (601) 509 7438
Email-id: randall.t@anymail.com

The airplane flight attendant supervisor resume should be created after considering important points to be focused on in resume for airplane flight attendant supervisor. Your resume should be one to two pages in length.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Airfield Operations Specialist Resume

Recruitment is a lengthy process. To apply for a job and to go through several rounds of interview, you need to prepare yourself. One such important preparation step would be drafting your resume. Since, resume is a document that the employer will read, before they actually meet you. So you need to take extra effort to make your resume presentable and professional. To understand resume writing, you should think about what the employer would be looking for in your resume. While reading your resume employer will consider your professional experience and expertise to conclude whether you are suitable for the job. Hence, the airfield operations specialist resume must focus on your professional expertise and experience gained through previous jobs.

As per a recent survey amongst HR professionals, it was found that they spend just few second to glance through each resume. Therefore, you should understand that highlighting vital details in your resume will improve your chances of moving ahead in the recruitment process. 

Airfield Operations Specialist Sample Resume

Contact Information:

Name: Alberto B. Pendleton
Address: 2670 Memory Lane, Rockford, IL 61101
Home: (815) 987 3538
Mobile no.: (815) 987 1287
Email-id: alberto.p@anymail.com

Professional Summary: 
  • Over nine years of work experience as Airfield Operations Specialist 
  • Proficient in air-traffic controlling and monitoring
  • Knowledge about new air-traffic control tools

Work Experience:

Designation: Airfield Operations Specialist
Name of Company: FDS Aerospace Company Pvt. Ltd.
Duration: September, 2007 to present
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Ensure safety of aircrafts during landing and takeoff 
  • Working in coordination with the maintenance and air-traffic control personnel
  • Making sure that the airfield safety procedures are followed
  • Provide weather updates to the air-traffic control team
  • Maintaining a record of the flight schedule
  • Providing appropriate technical details to the pilot and air-traffic technical team using the navigation tool and airfield landing aid

Assistant Airfield Operations Specialist
Name of Company: WSD Airlines
Duration: July, 2002 to September, 2007
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Analyzing air traffic data and providing updated to the Airfield Operations Specialist 
  • Generating flight landing and takeoff report
  • Attending meeting with the air-flight control team to ensure the safety of all military and commercial aircrafts
  • Attending seminars and training programs to learn new technical advancements in this field


Bachelor of Engineering (Specialization: Aeronautical Engineering), University of Illinois, 2002


Certified Airfield Operations Specialist from Illinois Airfield Operations Specialist Association


Member of the Illinois Airfield Operations Specialist Association


Name: Sandra E. Rollins
Designation: Administrative Head
Name of Company: FDS Aerospace Company Pvt. Ltd.
Address: 112 Peterson Lane, Rockford, IL 61101
Mobile no.: (815) 987 9948
Email-id: sandra.r@anymail.com

Name: Adam F. Kenneth
Designation: Human Resource Manager
Name of Company: WSD Airlines
Address: 4478 Cherry Street, Rockford, IL 61101
Mobile no.: (815) 987 1493
Email-id: adam.k@anymail.com

The airfield operations specialist resume sample provided above focuses on important details that would help to grab the employer's attention. Keep the resume formatting simple. Make use of professional fonts. To highlight vital points you may make use of bold, underline and italic. Your duties at previous job and professional summary details are the two things that the employer would be interested to read. Therefore, you may make use of bullet points to list those details.